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Hello, I have a laburmum tree (about 3 or 4 years old). It flowered last year for the first time, but this year it has no flowers. Do these trees take a while before they flower does anyone know, or can anyone suggest how to encourage flowering. Last years flowers were very sparse but I put this down to it being a young tree



I think they can be erratic. I know I had one when we moved in and the first year we were here it was wonderful then nothing for a couple of years.
as yours is quite young that could be the cause. also the erratic weather last year wont have helped either.

23 May, 2020


Patience is the thing - very difficult! It will flower when its ready...
I'm assuming that you know this, but best to be told twice than not to know....
The seed pods look very like mini pea pods and are very tempting for kids to play with (I used to pretend they were peas...) But it was dinned into me that they are pretty poisonous and should never be even tasted....

23 May, 2020

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