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I know this is a gardening forum....but can anyone help me with this fish in our pond, please?
It’s body is swollen, and it has been like this for months. It doesn’t seem to be in distress.
Many thanks.




Could be dropsy - a bacterial infection. It can be treated.

Dropsy in Koi Fish

14 Jun, 2020


does it look like a 'pine cone' from the tail end. if not it probably isn't dropsy. it could be a female that has eggs but has failed to spawn. I assume it is feeding ok.

14 Jun, 2020


Eggs are reabsorbed within a few days. She won't linger for months with a batch of unfertilized eggs. I think it's dropsy.

15 Jun, 2020


Not all fish are able to reabsorb their eggs. If the ovaries are immature they eggs may not be reabsorbed and the fish becomes egg bound. Egg binding causes females to bloat and may stay like that.
When the temperature rises again the ovaries may mature enough for the eggs to be released. The males bump into the females sides to induce egg laying.
A couple of years ago very frisky males managed to flip a female out of the pond. luckily one of my girls was in the garden and saw it and was able to pick her up and pop her back in the water. There were eggs all over the grass.

Producing eggs a few months ago during our Spring hot spell would also fit with the onset of symptoms.

Does the fish look as if the scales are sticking up giving it a pine cone appearance. if yes then it is dropsy and unlikely to recover.

15 Jun, 2020


Thanks for all the helpful comments.
No, the scales aren’t sticking out.
It’s looked like this for a couple of years!

15 Jun, 2020


in that case it is not dropsy. If its been like this for a couple of yrs now there is nothing you can do.

15 Jun, 2020


You said months.

15 Jun, 2020


Sorry Bathgate. I did. But then I asked my husband how long it was, and he said about two years. Time flies by when you’re enjoying yourself.....

16 Jun, 2020

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