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Hi Guys. Been meaning to ask for a while. I have a non flowering geranium in water & kalanchoe & they are all rooting nicely. I have general compost in 2 bags in the garage is it too harsh a medium?
I'm also thinking of cutting the tip of a dracena & putting it in water to root & cutting three 1 1/2 inch strips & potting them up horizontally & lightly covering in soil. The dracena is ancient it has gone horizontally fo2 2 ft & then gone up. It rests on a small table on a big bowl of potpourri. The other ancient plant is a crown of thorns & no one goes any where near it. It is seriously long & leggy but I'm not measuring that one......Ouch



yes you can use your general purpose compost for all of them.

16 Jun, 2020


Hmm...I would mix some pumice and/or grit with the compost for the Kalanchoe, Dracaena, and crown of thorns. Another tip for the crown of thorns: dip the newly cut stems in uncomfortably hot--but not boiling--water. That stops the milky sap flow, and helps new roots to start quicker.

17 Jun, 2020

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