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The rose that had a visitor is doing well and has nice roses of 3 different shades & sizes.
The one next to it has no flowers or no signs of flowers. Both are a year old so I never thought to do anything this year to encourage flowers after a brilliant display last yr. Is it to late to apply anything to the soil for the non flowering plant this year? This is the first time that a rose of mine has had no flowers.......



its not to late to give it a good feed. There are specific rose feeds available but I tend to just use fish blood and bone.

16 Jun, 2020


I had a box of fish blood & bone that fell over & the box got wet in the rain. The dog goes wild & starts eating soil looking like a little chomping black beard

16 Jun, 2020


Hee, hee! Keep the vet's number handy, though: dog dyspepsia is only one possible outcome of that kind of diet!

17 Jun, 2020

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