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Nets to protect grapes. A friend has told me that it is possible to buy net bags which slip over the actual grape bunches

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Nets to protect grapes
A friend has told me that it is possible to buy net bags which slip over the actual grape bunches, rather than netting the whole vine, in order to protect the grapes from birds. Does anyone know of these, please, and where I could buy them?
I’ve just seen the perfectly article on an Australian website, but they only sell to the trade. However, I ‘ve been thinking I could make some out of the fleece used to protect plants. Does anyone think this would work?




It should work. Be sure to fold over the seams twice before sewing, though. Otherwise the thread will tear out too easily.

8 Aug, 2020



8 Aug, 2020


Not sure about using fleece. I put it over my blueberry last year and the whole bush suffered severe scorch. Maybe try a fine net instead?

8 Aug, 2020


I thought fine mesh would be better, as in the photo.
I’ve just looked online, and Amazon have some for sale but I can’t tell if it’s soft and easy to sew, or stiff. But they also had cotton muslin. I wonder if that would be OK?

9 Aug, 2020


Thinking abut it, perhaps it would get soggy when it rains and take longer to dry than the net? I'll have a look for the net on line - such a good idea.

9 Aug, 2020


If I remember correctly, the name of the fabric is "tulle"?

9 Aug, 2020


I’ve found some voile on Amazon, only £3 per metre, so I’ve ordered that, to see how it works.
Thanks for the comment about muslin, I think it would be soggy in wet weather.
Many thanks for all the help.

10 Aug, 2020

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