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By Bepo

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please, opinions/preferences on runner beans white flowers or red flowers? (In respect of growing rather than eating please)



I grow both and to be honest I have not noticed any preference by any insects or on the crop from each group.

9 Aug, 2020


Probably the variety is more important than the flower colour.

9 Aug, 2020


Thank you for your replies, just one thing in particular, I have grown both this year and, so far, the reds are more productive while the whites are a better quality. Anyone else found that?.

9 Aug, 2020


that's interesting

9 Aug, 2020


I've read the birds prefer the red flowers but leave the white alone

I've never had bird problems though

Of course you could sit on the fence & grow St George

I tried those but not impressed

White Emergo I liked but I've tried loads over my growing decades and TBH there were good & bad years with all varieties

10 Aug, 2020


Thank you for your replies folks, any information is good.

10 Aug, 2020


I would plant both red & white without giving it much thought. In my experience, the best ones are always from cross-pollination. The bees are experts at that, so just leave it to nature.

10 Aug, 2020


This year I have pink ones - very pretty but no scent and the set is pathetic so far.

10 Aug, 2020


Lack of pollination Sue?

10 Aug, 2020

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