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Growing Montbretia from seed?

I have Montbretia [crocosmia] Lucifer growing and looking lovely

I want to grow some more but in a border elsewhere

I know I can dig up & split original plants, harvest young corms etc but it occurred to me to try from seed, there are loads ripening on the plants now

Looking at Youtube it is quite straight forward as I suspected, but I can't find the timescales from sowing to flowering

The some seem to indicate they flower same year as early sowing. I'd love this to be the case
Or is it like a daffodil for instance, takes years or more to build up to flowering size?

Question is, has anyone grown montbretia from seed & how long before it flowered?



they will probably flower in their 4th year. its a fun thing to do but remember they are unlikely to be exactly like Lucifer as that is a variety rather than a true species. you may be lucky and get ones very similar or some really pretty variations .

12 Aug, 2020


No but I can send you some corms if you like (later in the season)

12 Aug, 2020


Thanks for responses, the 4 years sounds about right to me, I suspect I'd get Lucifer because they are the only ones about, be awful waiting four years to find I only had insipid muddy things

I may sow some just to experiment, like sowing apple pips etc

SteraG, if you have some spare I'd love some.
They will be going into the car park border I'm helping to maintain, it bakes in summer so they'll love it there

For info, I did ask about plants / shrubs for that border, it is coming along nicely now, needing loads of watering of course & I'll write a blog piece on it once we get it really settled

SteraG I'll PM you with my details later

13 Aug, 2020


No rush, its a bit early for digging them yet. Did you mean the Lonicera are doing well? Should be as tough as old boots once thoroughly established.
I still have your details - will just need reminding nearer the time (old age...)

13 Aug, 2020


Lucifer crossed with Lucifer may well give you some interesting variations as they are hybrids in their own right.
I would be surprised if they gave you Lucifer though. depends if you don't mind waiting. as you say like growing apple pips.

13 Aug, 2020


SteraG, yes the Lonicera have settled in well, they've all survived.
I did have to repot once more before planting because Covid arrived at planting time, but once in & with watering weekly they are now fine

14 Aug, 2020


That's a relief - they were dreadfully pot bound

14 Aug, 2020

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