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By Limey

West Midlands, United Kingdom

My African Lily has finished flowering (or has it, it still has 2 pods on it). Do I just leave it. Will it flower again? It's in a pot. If it has finished flowering do I cut the long stems down? Thankyou.

On plant Agapanthus africanus



the flower forms a set of pods where the spent flowers were. If you dont want to save the seed then cut the flowering stem out. if you want the seed then leave alone. The seeds are black when ripe and the pods dry beige before the seeds are ready.

12 Sep, 2010


Thanks for your reply Seaburngirl. Do I cut the long stems down or just leave them?


12 Sep, 2010


I cut the spent heads down as far as i can go down the stem.

12 Sep, 2010


Thanks :-)


12 Sep, 2010

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