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Hello everyone, could someone possibly identify this lovely plant ? It belongs to my daughter and is a house plant , and has pointed leaves ! Thank you.




hello it is an orchid but cant remember which one. some one will be able to tell you.

30 Aug, 2020


possibly dendrobium but wait and see what others think. I agree it is a pretty one for not being too gaudy.

30 Aug, 2020


It's a dendrobium - a stunning orchid

30 Aug, 2020


A beautiful plant.

30 Aug, 2020


Looks like one of the Dendrobium nobile hybrids.

1 Sep, 2020


Hello , many thanks to everyone for identifying my house plant as a 'Dendrobium Orchid ' you were all correct ! Daughter now has information on how to care for it , well done and thanks again .

Ps. it's been a long while since i was last here , lots going on ! but i have never forgotten this great garden site , meanwhile keep safe and well everyone .

1 Sep, 2020

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