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By Ostrich

East northants, United Kingdom Gb

I have just removed a clematis from a southwest facing corner & want to put a fast growing but non-invasive climber in its place. I think virginia creeper would be too rampant so could anyone suggest an alternative but attractive plant. There is a chinese variety with attractive Autumn foliage but that requires North or east facing aspect. I do not want another clematis.



Something quick to establish that is more of a climbing shrub would be solanum glasnevin, this really does hit the ground running, lovely foliage and purple flowers, I think it’s known as the potato vine, yes it can be really quick growing but responds well to heavy pruning to keep it in check, sadly I don’t see this much nowadays.

15 Oct, 2020


an evergreen honeysuckle like Lonicera henryii would do well though it would take a year to settle in before taking off.

16 Oct, 2020


Thanks ...looked up the potato vine...poisonous to dogs though. I omitted to say I had a dog!! O/W looks nice. Honey suckle I have elsewhere, but thank you.

16 Oct, 2020


How about the hop can be cut back each year,responds well thereafter. Has a bright green/yellow leaf.

21 Oct, 2020


how about one of the evergreen clematis like armandi? there leaves look different too. That's the perk of these evergreen ones over their deciduous ones. I love my evergreen honeysuckle as the leaves and flowers look different.

21 Oct, 2020

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