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Denbighshire, United Kingdom

Is it too late to prune Spiraea douglasii (Steeple bush), please?



no it's not too late. according to the RHS it needs to be done in early spring so that is now.

26 Feb, 2021


Thanks. I had read that it needs to be done after flowering.

26 Feb, 2021


Sorry Canalhopper, one source said early spring, as it flowered late in the year, but on double checking it flowers mid summer and needs pruning after flowering.

It flowers on last years wood. so let it flower this year then prune after.

if you have already pruned it don't worry it will just not flower as well this year.

26 Feb, 2021


Thanks Seaburn. I reread the RHS page after you’d posted, and it said to prune after flowering. No, I haven’t pruned it yet!

27 Feb, 2021

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