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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Hello all, long time no talk. My daughter has now moved into my Czech house and garden and has great plans for the garden, mainly involving container and raised bed growing of vegetables and flowers, at least for a start.

We are planning a couple of raised beds made of the beams in the photo and are wondering whether we should lift the small paving stones beneath the planned bed or not. I don't think they are fixed in any way.

Will the bed need lining? Many thanks for help

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I know if it were me, I'd get rid of the paving stones.

25 Mar, 2021


as they will be underneath the bed i'd lift them and then they may come in useful else where in the garden.
I would probably use a type of lining fleece to stop the soil washing out through the timber gaps.

25 Mar, 2021


Thanks to both. The same sort of fleece as one flings over pots in winter Seaburngirl?

25 Mar, 2021


yes as long as it lets water through then that will be fine. I've used bits of membrane [for use under bark] before to line an old sink to stop soil going down the plug hole.

26 Mar, 2021

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