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About 5 years ago I bought Ribes odoratum as a sizeable plant in a 3 litre pot. It was flowering a little and I planted it in a sheltered, west-facing boarder. Since then, it has failed to flower. I have pruned it after the time when it should have flowered and fed it often with a high potash feed to encourage it to flower the following year without success. Does anyone else grow it and is it shy to flower, or is it just me?



I looked at the RHS site and it says pruning gp 2.
immediately after flowering. Full sun but sheltered.
Prune it now and then hopefully it will produce new growth that will ripen.

3 May, 2021


I would go stand next to the bush, and look up and around to see if something--a building or bigger bush--is giving it more shade than it would like, especially something standing to the south or west. People are often surprised at just how shady their gardens are.

9 May, 2021


Thanks Tug, I have racked my brain over this shrub and I reckon that your suggestion could be the answer. I have only a small garden but I think a move to a more open situation will be on the cards. Ta.

9 May, 2021

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