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Tree ID please
A friend has asked me what their young tree is but im really not sure...initially i thought a Magnolia variety but the leaves are not any help gratefully recieved




it is a lovely specimen.
I was thinking of one of the Cornus but not sure.
could you take a close up photo of the flowers and some leaves.

4 May, 2021


I think you are right Eileen; it's a Cornus but there are several varieties with creamy white flowers. Maybe Florida or Pagoda. Give it time to grow into itself.

4 May, 2021


As already said, a close-up would give a better idea. From the distant look, Eddie's White Wonder comes to mind. I have to admit that I prefer Cornus to Magnolia every time.

5 May, 2021


The label for the tree has been found and it is indeed......
Eddies White Wonder, so very perceptive of you thanks...and yes Magnolias present too many downsides...

5 May, 2021


Excellent selection. It should give you many years of enjoyment

5 May, 2021


Possibly Conrus Kousa

6 May, 2021

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