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By Namtar

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom Gb

This plant has been in our garden for thirty five years, since we moved in. Bees love it. I think its a type of delphinium? and Id like to get some more for my son's garden which is in dire need of such things. Thanks.




If he doesn't want them, you can send them to me.

10 Jul, 2021


They look like Aconitum, common name Monkshood, judging by the foliage, though I could be wrong - beautiful flowers, but deadly if eaten, I love 'em.. its said they are toxic to touch, but I never had a problem with mine like that and I obviously handled the plant. Info here on that aspect

10 Jul, 2021


I agree it is monks hood. Aconitum. There are several species that flower at different times. Also white and pink ones are available. This could be napellus or carmichaeli, i can never remember which is which.

10 Jul, 2021


If he loves these and doesn't love the idea of them being highly toxic tell him to look at the various kinds of campanulas (there are tall ones and short ones)

10 Jul, 2021


Thanks a million for the info. Obviously why i never found them in the delphinium selections. I thought these would be good because of how high they grow and because they don't tend to flop over in wind. Thanks again.

10 Jul, 2021

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