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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom

Hi all ime having a problem at the moment with a fox messing on my back lawn.I have cleaned it up numerous times but it reappears ,any ideas on the best remedy? thanks.



Never tried it but I have seen mentioned male urine deters them, territorial marking.

Of course it could finish up your lawn smelling like a loo instead ;-)

15 Jul, 2021


I have the same trouble with a neighbour's cat. I'm afraid I sprinkle hot curry powder in the spot and it does do the job (sorry, couldn't resist that!) but it has to be repeated each time it rains. Perhaps it will work with a fox too.

15 Jul, 2021


Thanks gdad and arbuth,well put down a little of the male urine not much lol) ,didnt have curry powder so tried some crushed chillies and upto now no more fox mess .Hopefully its moved on we will see!

16 Jul, 2021


Caution: Urine won't be good for the lawn - will leave brown patches.

16 Jul, 2021


Thanks Paul hopefully mr fox will have moved on ,ive ordered some granulated repellent so urine will not be needed.

16 Jul, 2021


Please don't use chilli powder. I once got a tiny bit in my eye and it was agony. I've not used it as a repellant since, which is annoying because I'd bought a big bag of it from the Indian shop...

19 Jul, 2021

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