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By Siris

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is this a Daylily Gall Midge? I think it is.
Look carefully at the top left petal.
Pity if it is, my Hemerocallis buds have all appeared clean this year and flowered spectacularly.




I don't have personal experience with it as I have been very careful with the plants I have bought, but take a look at this:
They have photos of both the adult and larval stage. If you did have it, it would have shown up with damaged buds instead of this magnificent flower.

26 Jul, 2021


it looks too big to be a gall midge and the wrong shape.
I have noticed the adults before and they are less than 2mm and have the characteristic 'humpy back' of a midge.

27 Jul, 2021


Thank you for your thoughts about Gall Midge. I only noticed the insect on looking at my pictures,
I have only bought late flowering Daylilies, the last 2 being Navajho Princess which flowered magnificently and Real Wind which is really late here and still to flower, buds good.
I removed any Daylilies a couple of years ago that showed any signs of distorted buds. Also i religiously take off the spent flowers each day. I do not compost dead Daylily material, so hopefully im on top of the deaded GM.

27 Jul, 2021


It's hard to tell from that angle and that magnification, but it looks more like a parasitoid wasp than a midge, to me. If so, then it's one of the good guys, in spite of the hair raising name. They eat a wide variety of sucking bugs and caterpillars.

27 Jul, 2021


In any case that flower is far too good to have been affected by gall midges. The colour of the flowers is often 'speckled' when there are midges and they do not open properly.
We stopped growing Hemerocallis because of them. Sad as they are a lovely plant.

27 Jul, 2021


Thank you all for your reassurances. There are a lot of these little insects hovering around my Sarracenias, which hopefully will entice them in for breakfast.

27 Jul, 2021

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