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Good afternoon all on this St Stevens day, can I ask what do I do with my miscanthus grasses do I cut back or leave? Many thanks




Good evening,Charnwood on a wet,foggy day in Yorkshire !
I leave my Miscanthus till spring ,as I like seeing the foliage in winter,and possibly ,shelter for insects etc..then I cut them back to the ground in Spring,and thin them out if they are getting out of hand.Hope this helps..

26 Dec, 2021


I cut mine back when it has all turned brown because if I wait for spring, the new growth has already started and I can't cut it as low as I would like.

26 Dec, 2021


I used to start cutting them back in February. As we had some massive clumps I used the electric hedge trimmers. If any new growth was cut it did not seem to matter.

26 Dec, 2021

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