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whats the best way of planting poppies from seed please and when? also the same question for waqtercress please



Hi Leigh,
poppies just need scattering where you want them to grow and flower. Watercress needs slow running water so they need sowing in very damp soil. Any time from now on will work as they are 'happy' in the UK.

2 Mar, 2022


I've seen an ad for watercress that will grow without running water so worth looking into.
Nosey its so nice to see you back on here again! How are you keeping these days?

3 Mar, 2022


Wow! Not seen you for ages Nosey; great to see you. Good luck with your seeds.

4 Mar, 2022


Great to hear from you!

4 Mar, 2022


thank you so much everyone jts nice to be back. im glad about the seeds as i have my pond with built in slow running water and the poppies as they seem very easy.

4 Mar, 2022


Poppy seeds will germinate better with cold stratification. You can sow in late winter or store for about one month in the fridge before sowing. As for watercress; they need clear running water but don't eat as it can carry liverfluke.

7 Mar, 2022


Leigh the watercress I mentioned is called Aqua and there are several places listed on line where you can get it. I've been meaning to try it myself but haven't got round to it yet!

9 Mar, 2022


thank you so much

30 Mar, 2022

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