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What size photina roots?

I am 'considering' removing a red robin that currently stands around 7/8ft tall. It is around 6 years old. Has anyone any experience of lifting photinas and if so what size are the roots? Are they likely to be a significant challenge to get out?



if you have to lift it then take as much of the root ball that you can manage. take care of your back though. Prepare its new hole and plant as quickly as you can. Then perhaps reduce some of the foliage and water well for at least a month unless you get lots of rain.

25 Apr, 2022


Thanks, Seaburngirl, but I was not planning on replanting it. I was simply going to remove it so long as it was not a massive root that needed a JCB to do the job! :)

25 Apr, 2022


oh in that case you can dig it. I read it as 'moving'.

26 Apr, 2022


Thanks, Seaburngirl.

Incidentally, I lifted a small one next to it today and it was easey-peasey. Although, I don't think its big brother will be quite so easy.

26 Apr, 2022

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