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Any idea what these are? I found them attached to a terra cotta pot. Thank you




Welcome to GoY.
my first instinct were fungal hyphae but that would be unusual of new terracotta.

what do they feel like to the touch?
Was there a label stuck on the pot in that spot? if so could be glue residue.

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1 May, 2022


They look like green lacewing eggs, to me. "Mom" often drops her kids in the craziest places!

1 May, 2022


Tug you have taught me something today. We get lots of lacewings and I know what the larva look like but I have never seen eggs before. Thank you.

Something to keep an eye out for .

2 May, 2022


They have beautiful golden eyes and as a whole a very attractive an adult that is.

2 May, 2022


we often find them overwintering in the shed/conservatory/greenhouse and in hollow stems. They are beautiful and excellent predators of greenfly etc.

2 May, 2022

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