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Feeding Potatoes

I planted some Maris Bard potatoes on 11 March and they are doing well. Plenty of top growth and the have been hilled up. It is many years since I regularly grew potatoes, so should I give them a feed during growth?

I applied a dose of growmore a few weeks prior to planting but have not fertilised them at all during growth. I am sure that when I previously grew spuds, I never fed them during their growth. However, I have read a few reports suggesting that a tomato feed can be given.



I've never fed mine in containers but they do need a lot of water for the tubers to swell and form decent sized spuds.

I used reader's digest info from my book from the 80's and it has never let me down.

RHS also says plenty of water and doesn't mention feeding.

21 May, 2022


Thanks, Seaburngirl.

I used to grow spuds every year when I was younger and had a larger garden and an allotment. I don't remember ever feeding them during the growing stage and was surprised to read some recommendations to do so.

They have plenty of top growth and don't look to be 'hungry'. But then who knows what will be going on under the soil.

21 May, 2022

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