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Would anybody know what this is?
Blooming at this time by our entrance gate every year.
Thank you.

Pretty Unknown



ooh that is intriguing. I don't recognise it. Is it woody? looks like it might be.

27 May, 2022


It looks so much like Magnolia Stellata but in the UK, it wouldn't have flowers and leaves at the same time.

27 May, 2022


I think it probably is a native. But I would love to know what it is.

27 May, 2022


Yes I think it could well be, the flowers and leaves look right, a self sown gift from the birds perhaps. I had thought it was a nature's gift with it where it was growing.

It is also a native and produces berries.

rhs link for more info if you are interested.

29 May, 2022


I would say Amelanchier too.

29 May, 2022


Amelanchier alnifolia has flowers and leaves at the same time so I reckon that's it.

29 May, 2022


The leaves look like Alder too so that name alnifolia would fit nicely.

29 May, 2022

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