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how to cut back lillie's after blooming



You don't - leave the stems to die back naturally, them pull them off when they come away easily. If they're in the ground, make sure you mark where they are.

2 Oct, 2010


That's assuming they are true lilies (Lilium species), there are many plants called lilies, and many have different requirements.

2 Oct, 2010


Yes - I thought of that when I answered - but I asssumed...possibly wrongly! It's a guest, so we may never know. :-(

3 Oct, 2010


True. No criticism intended, Spritz, but I figured that our Guest should know that, too.

Guest, you might want to join (it's free) so we can get descriptions or pictures to help us to be sure of giving you good advice!

4 Oct, 2010


You are right, Tug. I didn't take it as criticism...:-)

5 Oct, 2010


Wheww! Good!

5 Oct, 2010



5 Oct, 2010

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