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How can I regrow the centre of my calluna heather plant?

I’ve had this heather for 3 years now, the last time I pruned it was 2021. Last year it didn’t grow at all but I’ve put it in fresh acidic soil and now it’s growing. But over time it has developed the bare patch near the centre. I am wondering if there’s anything I can do to make it grow again in that spot.



I am not asking about birds of paradise.

10 Jul, 2023


I have seen, not tried, adding gritty compost to the centre covering the brown bits
Then supposedly the centre may root into the new compost & regrow

Worth a try I would think

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10 Jul, 2023


Does it have to be gritty compost or will standard peat based compost do?

10 Jul, 2023


Standard peat will do, the idea of the gritty type is to remove any chance of rotting caused by a sodden centre

11 Jul, 2023

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