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By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia

A weird question I know, more an observation really, but this is it - I was catching up on a question by Gilli who couldn't find her search box in the top right hand corner.. that had a happy ending... a very entertaining read actually! As I was scrolling to the top of the page I checked my own search box to see if it was still there - as you do ;o))) lol well it was but then I noticed that the 'wish list' symbol has gone missing! Is this just me and if it's not just me, where can I now find my wish list?



no my wish list symbol is still just below my search button.
were you logged in?

9 Oct, 2010


Yup sure was... still am in fact - and no button :o(

9 Oct, 2010


My wish list is still right below the search button

9 Oct, 2010


Hmm. Maybe it's because I'm not in the UK. That was Gilli's problem I remember. Where are Peter and Ajay when you need them?

9 Oct, 2010


Do a 'contact us', Pip. I'm sure they'll help.

9 Oct, 2010


I hadnt even realised you were from NSW doh! I think that is the reason as the shopping link takes you to british garden sites.

9 Oct, 2010


Well it always used to be there Sbg, and I had a few things on the wishlist (just for fun, I mean I wouldn't buy things from england would I, but I figured that's why it's called a WISH list )
I might do that Spritz - I'm always loath to get the big bosses involved - just carrying over my apprehension of the 'boss' at work I suppose, lol

10 Oct, 2010

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