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Surrey, United Kingdom

Insect Id anyone?



Sorry not a very good photo. It has a yellow stripe over its head. Wasp of some sort?

23 Jul, 2023


Not clear picture, but the eyes & wings are "fly" like, maybe some sort of hover fly?

24 Jul, 2023


If it looks unusual, have a look at Bee Flies.

24 Jul, 2023


it looks like one of the Voucella species, a bee/wasp mimic.
poss V. inanis or V. zonaria. Depends on how big they are.

24 Jul, 2023


It most resembled V. zonaria in size & colour, Sbg. I’m hoping it will reappear & I can get a better pic. Ty for all your replies. Is the big stripe of yellow on its head just pollen then?

24 Jul, 2023


No it is part of its colouring and is a segment of cuticle [skin] between its eyes.

It is one of the largest hoverflies found in the UK.

24 Jul, 2023

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