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Why is my aubrieta dying?

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I’ve had it since April. It looked ok until June when I cut it back as that’s what I’ve heard is good for it after flowering. However since I cut it back it’s been looking like this! Not really grown or anything. I’ve added a picture of what it looked like before I cut it back.



What is the soil in which it is growing? Aubrieta needs a well drained, gritty soil. The amount of rain we have had recently would not help it. Mine looks much the same and that was not cut back, so blame the weather.

28 Jul, 2023


It’s growing in multi purpose compost. One thing I remember it saying on the bag was “retains water!”
I suppose it could’ve been overwatered due to the rain. I did check the roots they look okay.

28 Jul, 2023

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