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We had raspberry virus, dug up the plants. Can we grow hybrid raspberries, eg tayberries in the same bed. If so which do you recommend?



Welcome, Alan! Sorry it took so long to answer.
There are several different viral diseases that attack raspberries, do you know which one it is? That will help to determine if any nearby plants of other species might be carrying the disease. Viruses can only be transmitted from living plant to living plant, usually by way of sucking insects, such as aphids, or dirty pruning tools. Rarely, they can be transmitted by infected pollen landing on the stigmas of healthy plants. It cannot be held over in the soil, but if there are any living roots of the infected plants in the soil, the roots of the new plants may graft with the infected ones, and become infected themselves. Also, suckers rom the infected roots can be a source for infection of the new plants. I would spend a couple of years making sure that the last roots and shoots of the old plants are gone, before planting new ones. From what I have read, the viruses that attack raspberries aren't peculiar to them, and will attack any kind of bramble, and a number of other garden plants--especially roses. Good luck!

13 Oct, 2010

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