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Hi my plant seem to have dried completely. Where we bought them they said winter time water once a week and summer twice a week as we have done. Now it's completely dead. What can I do.



Unfortunately the brown bits are dead, conifers do not reshoot once brown
You could try and spray the green bits with water daily, and water daily, I'm assuming there are drainage holes in the base of the containers, and they are not just decorative tubs?

Even if the green bits recover, they will look a mess

What to do? I think to learn from this and water more often in summer, daily if necessary, do not go by the calendar

If it were me, I'd cut my loses, bin those and start again with different plants, perhaps others can suggest some more suitable to the position

Is it windy there? In full sun? Are there holes in the base?

30 Aug, 2023


Have to agree with Grandad. I don't know where about you are situated but I would go for geraniums in the summer and perhaps winter pansies rather than long-term plants.

30 Aug, 2023


welcome to GOY.
I agree with the above. Where about's are you based? UK?
They are very small containers for such established plants.
if future water when the top inch of the compost has dried out unless you have gone for succulents.

Dont be disheartened though. I have a box of labels for plants that just didn't like the care i gave them.

30 Aug, 2023

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