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Advice please. I have this Dendrobium orchid Berry Oda. It is a very small flowered pretty little thing and has flowered well. But now it is putting out these new shoots everywhere with roots. Should I take them off and plant them, maybe plant the mother plant in a larger pot and plant the babies with it, perhaps in a trough like pot ?




Hi Cinderella.
These shoots are called Keikis.There is lots of information and videos on internet how to remove them and repot them.
It's a lovely orchid.

4 Sep, 2023


Hi Klahanie, thank you, I have tried on the internet but can’t seem to find the thing that I need. However I will try again later

4 Sep, 2023


If I type "dendrobium orchid keiki" in "search" it comes with wealth of information but it also depends which browser is used.
Keiki is Hawaiian word for a "baby" or "little one"

Link to one of the videos:

Good luck.

4 Sep, 2023


Thank you so much Klahane. Will give it a try.

4 Sep, 2023


I hope you will get the information you need Cinderella.

4 Sep, 2023


Thank you so much Klahanie, it’s just what I needed to know. Can’t wait to get started !

4 Sep, 2023

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