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Renfrewshire, Scotland

Any idea what this is, please?

This has sprung up recently and is looking rather nice. It stands around 45cm tall and has a small flower cluster of ornage flowers.

I have a habit of planting in this area things that I have dug up at the end of the year or that I have sown from seed but they have been left at the end of a season. But I cannot remember what it is.

It looks like a callendula leaf but the flower head is a bit different.



Grim the collier. Pilosella aurantiaca. A seed and creeping thug of the first order.

14 Sep, 2023


Another common name, Fox and Cubs.

14 Sep, 2023


I agree with the id's given.

14 Sep, 2023


Many thanks and this is interesting.

I most certainly have not grown this and doubt that my neighbours have. However.......... having bought seed online in the past few years, I have often been annoyed at the poor germination or the results of the germination. I remember sowing some primrose and they most definitely were not primroses when they germinated. Same goes for a few other plants. So, I am wondering now if they are selling 'weed' seeds.

14 Sep, 2023


It's a weed in my garden but it is pretty so I leave it alone.

15 Sep, 2023


'Fraid it's gone now! I am sure this may have been a freebie when I bought some seeds online. They occasionally send things like Californian poppies, etc. Easy germinators but pretty much weeds.

15 Sep, 2023


I can't possibly think of californian poppies as weeds!¬ They are a childhhod favourite. I used to so enjoy visiting my neighbour's garden and ]being allowed to take the nightcaps off the ones that were ready to open...

25 Sep, 2023


Steragram, they are pretty. But when they are growing out of every possible crack in the patio and under every shrub they become a bit of a nuisance. :)

26 Sep, 2023

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