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Hi there!
My carrot seeds and my runner beans have been real non-starters this year. They are in deep troughs and have thrived in previous years. I’m concerned that a nearby fir (not blocking sunlight) has droppped its little round seeds onto the troughs and this has caused a problem? but tbh I’ve never had a problem with this before)
What would you advise me to do - help!!



Have you had a rummage? Are the bean seeds still there or maybe eaten?

FWIW it has been a very cold & slow start this season

Depending on how many seeds you have, not practical for hundreds, but pre germinate on damp tissue & then sow?

20 Jun, 2024


Thank you. That’s a good idea

20 Jun, 2024


I tend to start my runner beans off in segmented pots to give them a start against the slugs and snails. As Grandad suggests, unearth a few and check to see if the seeds have been eaten. I have had this happen and found that there are 'cut-worms' that have attacted the seeds before they have properly germinated.

20 Jun, 2024

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