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My garlic looks as though it is ready to harvest as the foliage has died down. I have felt one and it seems a reasonable size. Surely it is too early to harvest garlic? Any garlic heads out there with a bit of advice?????



they can be ready now, so why not excavate one and see. leave to dry and store in a cool place.

22 Jun, 2024


Dear Seaburngirl: I have now excavated them all. Nine out of ten so not bad. I put them in a larger container this time. However, they are still a little small but then I have never managed to get them bigger. They are now drying out in the greenhouse but it is hot at the moment. If only I had one of those basements you are often told to keep them in but some of us have very small flats! Thanks a lot for replying and may you have a productive season!

24 Jun, 2024

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