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By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

Hi there
I had always fancied having this plant and found one whilst browsing ebay
It is located in front of my front door in a large pot and
although I had read that they can sulk if moved it has put out loads of leaves and new creepers and I have had to put in tall canes.
However I have noticed some of the leaves are like lacy skeltons whilst others have large bits taken out.
I am thinking vine weevil and will get some provado but could there be larvae in pot and should I get nematodes which I have never used before and use a belt and braces approach.
I would be grateful for any advice please.
I have one large pinky-red flower which has not opened yet
but am at a loss to know why only one?
Will definitely take pics.



It sounds more like caterpillars to me, Arlene. Check under the leaves as well as on top and you may well find them. I have had lots on my Cleomes this year and the leaves do indeed turn skeletal! Nematodes, since you mention them, are watered on in the spring then again a few weeks later. They aren't for this time of year. Your plant sounds as if it is settling in and thriving, so I should just be patient this year and hope for more flowers next time! You are aware that it needs frost protection, I expect.

29 Aug, 2008


hi there Spritzhenry
thanks for reply.
Like you I am a plantaholic and am semi retired. I have to resort to pots on all the concrete areas in order to find space in my small garden.... would love more room!.
I live on Gower and the lack of space is more than made up for by Three Cliffs Bay etc where we walk the dogs and blow the cobwebs off which is only 10 mins walk.
Just been out to have a look and there are no caterpillars although alarmed at the number of leaves affected by whatever it is,it is causing a lot of damage.
Also I fell over beautiful reddish purple maroon? flower can't describe the colour but gorgeous crinum flowering for first time since purchase in back garden.
However what I did find was a really tiny,1/4 inch snail on a leaf-didn't see any more but I am having damage on my cannas and total decimation on two dark leaved dahlias.
There is something having a party out there!
I am going out to the Mumbles-don't know if you know it- and will have a look for slug/snail provado in the very good hardware shop there but may venture out with torch when dark to have a look to see exactly what's going on.
I usually resist using chemicals because of the birds and my boxer dogs but can't go on like this.
The bellflower is very sheltered where it is as house is down from street level but it will go in one of my greenhouses if necessary. I bought some Hasnix? heavyweight fleece from ebay last year and it it works well as an overnight wrap. I will make sure it comes to no harm.
I have one open flower and another smaller one on a different shoot so may be in for a surprise yet.,.
All out war has been declared so watch this space.

29 Aug, 2008


I was interested that you are growing Lapageria or Chilean bell flower as its called here. I shall be interested to know if it thrives. The books say one can only grow it in the south and west and as I live in the north-east I daren't try!
I used to live in Chile where it is the national flower and is called the Copihue. It used to be very common in the more southern regions of Chile but so many have been picked to sell there are hardly any left except in nature reserves.They can be nibbled by slugs and snails when young but not when they get older. Good luck with it!

29 Aug, 2008

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