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Hi guys,
My phalaenopsis lost all of its rots, well I cut all rotten roots and now I have none left. What should I do to make new roots grow?



If you have removed all the roots then there is nothing you can do... I suspect they were not dead/rotten simply needed water!

24 Oct, 2010


Or had too much water!

24 Oct, 2010


Well here is the story, I bought my phalaenopsis about 2 years ago and later discovered that it was planted in dirt (instead of burk). I noticed leaves started to get yellow so then I looked at the roots and they all were rotten (they were just skins and threads, they were dead not green). I have hopes that new roots will come back, I won't give up. Is there anything on the market to help to grow roots?


25 Oct, 2010


Soaking them for 10-15 minutes in a 6 drop per quart solution of Superthrive sometimes helps, or using Rootone powder. In both cases, I would use fresh, clean bark, sterilized by pouring boiling water over it, and keep the plants pretty humid after replanting (about 60% humidity). Depending on howshriveled the rest of the plant has got, they have a 40%-60% chance of living. Probably no flowers until March or April, though.

25 Oct, 2010


A daily wipe with a damp sponge may help too.

25 Oct, 2010


Thank You Guys very much!

26 Oct, 2010

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