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Tree Stumps

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know how to kill off tree stumps,there are a few left in the ground from clearing the garden ,impossible to dig them up ,thanks



You can hire a stump-grinder either to operate yourself, or via a specialist firm (probably preferable!) to do the job.

29 Aug, 2008


I was told a couple of years ago that copper nails or anything that is copper, hammer them into the middle of the stump and its suppose to kill it off.

29 Aug, 2008


Well now my budget has gone on just clearing the the garden and doing the fencing ,i can just about afford some nails,[ha ha ]saving up now for the landscaping

29 Aug, 2008


They have a special tree stump killer on sale in the garden centres like B & Q and Focus, its stored with the weed killers and costs about £4.50
Lynne x

29 Aug, 2008


Thanks for that Wizzbang ,will get some tomorrow ,cheers

29 Aug, 2008


yeah I'm not so sure how good that stump killing stuff is, the copper nails, now thta's a new one for me. The stump grinder is very effective but off course it costs, digging them out is hard work but it is effective. If you haven't got the means or resources for digging them out or a stump grinder why not just get a chainsaw and cut them as low as possible and then cover them over with soil or a mulch, lots of people get away with that, cheap, simple and effective.

29 Aug, 2008


My Father worked for Forestry commission for many years.He would cut a grid ( like noughts and crosses ) with a chain saw through stump 2-3 inches deep.Then soak with diesel.

29 Aug, 2008


Another possibility is Sodium Chlorate. Chip out some holes in the top of the stump, fill each hole with a strong solution, then cover and leave. This is absorbed into the stump and rots it.

30 Aug, 2008

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