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South Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

how do i get ride of porpose grass



Sorry Guest I've never heard of porpose grass, can you be a little more specific please.

1 Nov, 2010


had to google this one, only came up with 'general purpose grass' - - - - ???

1 Nov, 2010


Do you think this could be 'Pampas' grass????

1 Nov, 2010


Or Pappus Grass (Enneapogon sp.)?

1 Nov, 2010


Could be anything...

1 Nov, 2010


Too true, MG! Guest, could you join (it's free) so we could have some descriptions, and maybe even pictures? That would help us give you better advice, and we could engage in some productive dialog, too!

1 Nov, 2010

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