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Hello everyone,
I need some help with my two poinsettias.
I have had one of them for about 10 years (it had a hard time with some rotting root stuff way back when it was 2 or 3 and has never really been super robust..but its big) and the other started out as a brocken off branch of the 1st one and has been on its own for around 7-8 years I think. this past summer the big one looked like it was on its way out many times but kept pulling through and we had it out on the front porch for the past few months it looked like it was starting to get a little steadier but never got as dark as the little one (the little one had almost black green leaves) they were out there until right before we had a cold snap about a week ago,I didn't want them to get temperature shock so I left them in a coolish zone for most of a day and then moved them to a sort of moderate place later that night. 2 days after I brought them inside they both started to wither and drop there leaves...the little one whole branches are shriveling up and the stems getting rubbery!!!
it is now frozen outside so I cant put them back out....
Any suggestions?



It sounds like wherever they are is too hot. I would keep them away from registers or radiators, and even in a relatively cool room with bright light. Maybe a utility room if it has a big enough window? I would also have moved them inside sooner, when the daytime temps were closer to the indoor temps.

28 Nov, 2010


Thanks Tugbrethil, I will try moving them..and good tip for when to move them..I agree I think I pushed it a bit:(
I hope they will forgive me.
Do you think I should trim them back? I dont want to put more stress on them but they also have so much mass without leaves now...

28 Nov, 2010


I would wait for new growth to trim them, but where there's life, there's hope.

2 Dec, 2010

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