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Please help. My beautiful Spatyfillum's leaves are one by one turning black and dying. Only 6 left. In warm, draft free, low light room, but I had to drain after overwatering in Sept Please help. I love this plant.



Try re-potting in a mix of compost and sand. Also you say 'low light room' how low? The peace lily does like a fair bit of light just not direct sunlight. Put it in an east, north east or even north facing window.

30 Nov, 2010


Thanx. In east facing lounge. Im a bit of a duhh. What sort of compost,

30 Nov, 2010


Just standard potting compost from a chain store will do. Trouble is that chain stores like Wilkos are not selling gardening stuff at the moment. Profits are higher on Christmas baubles. But a small bag even at garden centre prices is not very expensive. The best sand is sharp sand but any except builders sand (too limey) or sea-shore sand (too salt) will do. It's just to help the drainage. B & Q or similar still have both sharp sand and compost if you've got one near.

1 Dec, 2010


So grateful. Gonna try it. Ta

3 Dec, 2010


The trouble seems to have bottomed out and a slow recovery has started. Thanx again

29 Dec, 2010

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