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i have this plant on my window sil that is covered is a white web substance the plants flowers are pink/purple cone shapes. on the web its has small brown seeds what is the name of this plant and why does it do it?




I suspect that the webs are from red spider mites and nothing to do with the plant (except that they're living on it!). These pests affect plants that are kept in dry air conditions. You'll need to spray the plant with something like Ultimate bug Killer to get rid of them.

30 Nov, 2010


You are not wrong Volunteer. These horrors can kill a plant in no time. I once lost a valuable palm to them despite the fact that it was summer so I could put it outside for misting. May I suggest that Tmgoldie sprays it with rain water 2 or 3 times a day until the bug killer works. That slows the little swines down until they can be eradicated. Tmg should act quickly.

30 Nov, 2010


I think the plant is called Celosia caracas. I hope you can save it.

30 Nov, 2010


I used diluted Fairy Liquid to kill the mites on my lemon tree that lives in my conservatory. Seems to have done the trick!

2 Dec, 2010

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