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I have a mini greenhouse with mostly cacti inside.
Outside we have 12ins of snow, I brought the greenhouse into my kitchen and have ordered a fleece cover for it .Can i put it back out? and do I need to do anything else?
Thanks Carmel



I would'nt risk it C. I grow all my cacti in a greenhouse but bring them into the conservatory every year ( abit of a pain ) but better than losing them to the freeze. Some Opuntia & Agave types take a freeze but it's the length of the freeze we get in the UK that damages. By coincidence I too have bought my mini greenhouse into the kitchen temporarily while I sort out a better alternative to the epiphyllum collection ( it's currently blocking the mirror which has inconvenienced my wife :-) LOL your in good company as there are loads of us currently stepping over our beloved plants rescued from the cold!!

2 Dec, 2010


Thanks Bambi, funny mine is blocking mirror too,much to my

4 daughters annoyance.

I have insulated shed my kids use i can move it there maybe

Thanks for help


2 Dec, 2010


hi Carmel..if you do have to move them into the shed..make sure they got good light and when its freezing outside throw a blanket over the top of the whole thing at night...

2 Dec, 2010


The main goal, Carmel, is to keep the cacti from going much below 4 deg. C (39 deg. F), while letting them have enough light to stay healthy. If it gets below that in the shed or with the mini-greenhouse outside--hard to guess without knowing where you are--it will mean bad news for many cacti, especially young seedlings. I suspect the other plants will be even less enthused!

2 Dec, 2010

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