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I have just moved in to my new house during the winter and my garden slopes up and away from the house and is about 30mtrs long by 15mtrs wide.At the moment the garden is very wet and when you walk on the lawn water raises up at the side of your feet.I believe the land is situated on natural springs with a clay bed.Any ideas how to resolve this problem or is it just natural and I have to live with it.Thanks Mark



If you were to lay drainage pipes beneath the lawn, 1kg, would there be anywhere for the water to drain to eg an open ditch or watercourse? If so, then you could include a pond or similar feature in the drainage plan.
The ground sloping upwards from the house could be a cause for concern as you don't want the water draining into the foundations. Is this a 'new' new house? If so you could go to the builder and to the council building control people with your concerns.

9 Jan, 2011


thanks, this is an old victorian house and i think this may just be a problem in the winter when the level of the springs raise i just wondered if anyone else had this problem and if they did anything to help with it.

9 Jan, 2011


I'd be inclined to wait a year to see whether its a real problem or not - I have a client who's long, level back garden is northfacing, and in the winter, the same thing happens if you walk on the lawn. We got round that by using stepping stones, but the problem disappears once Spring arrives, and that may be what happens with your garden.

10 Jan, 2011

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