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my garrya eliptica had masses of tassels last year but has no flowering buds this year. why?



I DK Margaret. I have the same problem. This has not happened to mine in earlier years and I just thought it was the weather. I'll be interested to hear if there is another reason.

26 Jan, 2011


I haven't checked round the corner yet to see if the one there is still alive, but have you checked to see if yours are still alive, both of you? They require a sheltered situation out of north winds, but this year, it's been so cold... Otherwise, it's still a bit early I'd have thought - the one round the corner from me doesn't produce its tassels till February usually.

26 Jan, 2011


It has been a problem trying to find a site in our garden where GE would grow Bamboo. I killed six before I found a spot where it did not immediately keel over and die. It faces west against a 6' high stone wall and is sheltered by an overhanging yew. It has flowered every year since it was planted. It does get the prevailing west wind but seems happy enough.It is green and healthy looking apart from the wind burn which has been a real problem in the garden this year.

27 Jan, 2011


I was at Waitrose today and noticed a Garrya in the carpark shrubbery, against a wall - it had its tassels all out, but not a leaf on any of the branches! Still haven't checked the one round the corner though...

27 Jan, 2011

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