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i am painting the outside of my house with masonry paint and need to paint over my treasured Viginia Creeper. Will ordinary masonry paint kill it! Should I use an organic masonry paint??

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I dont think painting anything over it will do it any good organic or not. Granted its not in leaf but the buds will get covered and most likely be damaged come spring. Probably best to remove it and paint. It will soon grow back. Our neighbours painted there house where we have a creeper climbing up. They had to burn off the sticky pads left with a blow torch and then painted it. The creeper soon grew back, a few feet over the year.

17 Feb, 2011


I agree with Nicky definitely do not paint over the Virginia Creeper, cut it back, paint the wall and let it grow again.

17 Feb, 2011


paint these days is made to be very safe for the likes of children , animals etc . i would cut your creeper back as far as you can in the spring . you can be quit brutal as its a tuff plant and will be back to its former glory before you know it . be careful and paint round it or pull it out the way if you can . masonary paint is basicly emulsion with grit in it and is water based . it little bit here and there splashed on your creeper wont bother it at all but dont paint over it as nicky sais .

18 Feb, 2011

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