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i have an aeonium arbreum purpureum about 12'' high in a 4'' pot how and when do i repot it looks very healthy so dont want to lose it

did what you recomended and it is doing well thank you



It sounds like it's about ready: I recommend repotting when the plant is about three times the width of the pot, since they like to be a little crowded. As for the season, we do it in the fall, because they grow actively in the winter, here. If it grows more in the summer, there, the spring is the time to do it.
Just bump it up another 5 cm or so in pot size, and use a pot that is wider than it is tall. We have commercial "Cactus Mix" to use as a potting compost, here. If that isn't available, there, sift the fine bits out of a regular potting compost, and replace them with horticultural grit and perlite.

17 Mar, 2011


did what you said and it is doing very well thank you x

13 Apr, 2011

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