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I have hens who peckabout (when I am home as we have foxes) and although the grass 'lawn' is daisy and buttercuppy - hey, it's green!- I would like to thicken and green it up more. Are the 'green-up' lawn feeds safe for my girls who love a lawn salad?



I would have thought it highly unlikely but check what it says on the box before buying. Just done a quick google search and you would need to keep the hens off the grass for at least two weeks after treatment. I had not realised that you shouldn't even putthe clippings in the compost for two mowings after weed and feed treatments.

25 Mar, 2011


Hi there,
I let my ladies peck about when I'm outside with them, as like you we have some cheeky foxes.

I would'nt treat your lawn, it's not really worth letting your chucks peck any lawn care treatment.

I grow tubs of salad leaves, they can peck at that till their hearts content. It germinates quickly too, so you can repeat sew frequently.

I also grow greens for them in my veggie patch, I hang some in the run every day, so if they don't get let out, they still have some greens to peck at

Happy gardening

25 Mar, 2011


you could maybe get some actual ch1cken manure to feed 1t . that wont hurt them .

25 Mar, 2011


That and regular mowing will eventually cause the grass to crowd out the weeds.

26 Mar, 2011

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