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I am wanting to buy a long reach tree lopper.
Have you any experience of these and which ones are the best? I'm not sure about the rope activated one's versus the Wilkinson swivel head, what do you think? Thank you



Hi David use them a lot would recommend the Wilkinson as if you over cook them and try to lop off branches that are too thick the heads can break.

The good news is they have lifetime guarantees so keep original receipt. I m on my third one in 5 years so always replaced free when returned to original retailer.A tip if you go ahead regularly spray chain and cutting mechanism with WD40 or similar this prevents jamming which a bit awkward if fully extended.

1 Oct, 2008


Iv just brought a Wilkinson Hand Fork Bonkers.Its great with its 3 Pointed Prongs its easier 4me to push into the soil :) Only Cos t£5 with its Life Time Guarantee of cos :)

1 Oct, 2008


These life time guarantees costing them from me alone Jacque replaced secatuers also ! Not the cheapest but worth it . £5 thats real good value .

1 Oct, 2008


Yes i thought that a Bargain 2 Bonkers ! They came from good Old B&Qs :)

1 Oct, 2008

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