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Cycas revoluta


By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

I bought my cycas revoluta in a smallish pot and it is becoming top heavy.So much so that in the very windy conditions of the last few days the pot has become cracked and I need an immediate repot.
I have bought a much larger, deeper and wider pot but need to know what growing medium to use.I'm guessing John Innes No3 but the last bag I bought of that locally was like cement.
Any help would be gratefully received!




Hi Arlene. I grow mine (about 5 different kinds) from seed and always pot them on in a mixture of bog standard compost, sharp sand and perlite (about 60, 30, 10.). They don't like to get water-logged.

3 Oct, 2008


put it in the soil direst very nice plant bye the way

3 Oct, 2008


You may just get away with it in Swansea Arlene but if you do as Nosey suggests then I would certainly fleece it for a couple of winters. If it was a C. panzihuensis then I would agree with Noseyp totally. But if the picture is the actual plant I would err on the side of caution and keep it potted for a couple of years. Would hate to lose a beauty like that to a sharp frost.

3 Oct, 2008


Yes this is my plant.
I am alarmed that I do have some yellow bits on the lowest branches due to too much rain but I am sure it will benefit from the repot as I can control how wet that is. It's going under my porch at the front where it will join my Wollemi which also does not like too much water! it is very dry under there and I have tons of thick fleece and if it gets too cold it well go under cover,will also get pot feet so that it will drain properly.
It has been raining with sunshine !!!! most of the day here but tomorrow promises to be better-hopefully!
I have peat,perlite,bark chippings ,sand plus all sorts of compost- i take it I am not aiming for a totally low nutrient mix like I would for my proteas?Hoping to do it tomorrow.

3 Oct, 2008


They do need some nutrition in the soil. In fact I feed mine with half strength tomato food once a month in summer. I agree about controlling the wet. I'll try to post a picture of a revoluta that was planted too soon in clay. I'll put it on my home page over the weekend. It is not a pretty sight and I have been asked by my neighbour who 'done it wrong' to take it in and bring it back to health. If you look at it on Monday (after posting) you will see why I am not all that optimistic. It used to be fine, though this is N. Yorkshire.

3 Oct, 2008


Thanks both!
Will make up a mix tomorrow and take some pics if possible.

3 Oct, 2008



5 Oct, 2008

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