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I have a Buxus and a Hebe in my small garden which have started to look really sad. The bark on both shrubs has gone gnarled looking and is peeling off making them look dead and old even though they are not old plants. I have looked carefully and cant see any sign of pests. I worry that it could be passed on to other plants. Also have a Griselinia which has shed most of its leaves and looks as if its dying. Any advice most welcome.



Wait a while, a couple of weeks or so - you should start seeing signs of new growth on the Hebe at least, and when you do, cut it back. The box will regenerate off old wood if you have to be severe with it, but it's very hardy, so unless you had both these plants in pots outside all winter, I can't think they've come to much harm. The Griselinia will have dropped its leaves because the severe winter - again, wait for signs of growth and cut back when it appears if there's any obvious dead bits.

30 Mar, 2011


It has been a difficult winter for some types of plant, Hebe being one of them.

30 Mar, 2011


Have been sorting a large Griselinia today, 6ftx6ft, all the main top growth is completely dead and brittle, however i have cut further down, on a couple of largish trunks which apear to be abit more healthy so i will leave it a while longer, try some bark scrapings on various parts of the plant to see if there are any signs of healthy wood. Julien

30 Mar, 2011


There's no indication from Novice's question that either of the plants has no leaves or signs of life, just a query on the flaking bark, really.

31 Mar, 2011


Thank you for answering my question. I have looked today and theres lots of new growth on the buxus even though the branches look unsightly. The hebe is in a pot and it has got some new growth as well i will tidy them up and cut the griselinia back and see how they go. I was convinced they were diseased.

31 Mar, 2011

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